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Dalarna university joins E-xcellence Associations in quality


The Nursing Programme of Dalarna University contacted EADTU in 2012 for an assessment by the quality benchmarking instrument E-xcellence. A specific characteristic of the Dalarna University is its pedagogical model, with eLearning embedded into practical face-to-face interaction. 

Dalarna University was reviewed with excellent results and has joined the E-xcellence Associates in Quality.
This means that Dalarna University demonstrates that it offers quality controlled e-learning and keeps up to date with the latest developments. By joining e-xcellence universities they are operating in a recognized quality control system of a continuous process of improving their e-learning performance. In addition Dalarna University can now join our Virtual Community of universities with opportunities to meet virtually with peers and share expertise with experts in the field of e-learning.

So far the label is now rewarded to 13 universities all over Europe. The E-xcellence label is achieved by a self-assessment followed by an assessment of 2 e-learning experts on-site and at-a-distance. The E-xcellence label is available for both blended and open universities  and is valid for three years.

If you are interested to join Associates in quality, please contact EADTU. A full overview of activities under the E-xcellence label and the open source tools and manual can be found at

3rd Consortium Meeting 26th September 2012, Pafos

14 Delegates were present at the third Consortium Meeting of the E-xcellence project in Pafos on 26th September 2012. They were informed about the latest developments and finalization of outcomes, evaluated the local seminars that have now been finalized, prepared the conference activities related to E-xcellence and responded to the recommendations by the EU and external evaluator.

E-xcellence Manual launched

The second and updated version of the E-xcellence Manual was launched at the 25th Anniversary Conference in Pafos/Cyprus. If you're interested in a hard-copy, please contact the A PDF-version is available at the dedicated E-xcellence label site.

New Associates in Quality!

In a series of local review seminars we have assessed several university programmes European wide. The following programmes have followed the programme of the E-xcellence assessment.

The assessment was followed by an on-site seminar with E-xcellence reviewers in which a roadmap of improvement was developed to enhance their e-learning performance.


Dalarna University, Sweden

  • School of Health and Social Studies; the Nursing programme


Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), Moscow

  • Master programs: Applied Informatics; Management
  • Bachelor programs: Applied Informatics; Linguistics; Management; Economics


Kaunus University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania

  • Master’s degree (MSc.) in Information Technologies of Distance Education


Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza (AGH), Poland

  • Centre of e‐Learning and Faculty of Management


Open University of Cyprus

  • Bachelor on Hellenic Studies
  • Master on Educational Studies


Riga Technical University (RTU), Latvia

  • Professional Master Program "Innovations and Entrepreneurship"


Universidade Aberta, Portugal

  • Master on Education and E-Learning (MPEL)
  • Master on Administration and Educational Management (MAGE)


Hellenic Open university, Greece

  • Master in Business Administration


The E-xcellence label means that these programmes have been assessed by the E-xcellence benchmarks. These benchmarks are now integrated in their internal QA-system as reference for the next assessments to come.


E-xcellence in practice: MESI-review

As part of the E-xcellence assessments on QA in e-learing, EADTU organised with MESI (Moscow) an on-line session on the 21st of June 2012. In this session not only the Moscow site of MESI was involved but the team of E-xcellence reviewers from the Netherlands and Belgium was virtually visiting in total  4 MESI branches in Yerevan, Yaroslavl, Tver and Minsk. More than 50 people were involved in this session from various university departments and positions as well as 7 students. This 6 hour session was 1 step in the assessment procedure that will lead to inclusion of the E-xcellence benchmarks on e-learning in the various departments and a roadmap for further improving the e-learning performance of all units.  All particpants agreed that it was a highly effective and fruitfull session and important element of working with the E-xcellence instrument. More on the E-xcellence benchmarking instrument can be found under The newest version of the E-xcellence Manual will be launched coming September 2012. If you are interested to receive a PDF copy, please contact the EADTU secretariat. You will be the first to receive the newest version!


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