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Darco Jansen
Tel: +31 45 576 27 45
Fax: n.a.


CBVI Products

CBVI will effectuate far reaching pilots on (networked) business planning and successive field-oriented coaching of new entrepreneurs by universities, multipliers and SMEs. It takes full advantage of Web 2.0 technologies and utilises multi-level (open) services to exploit the social & technological connectivity of individuals.

The platform provides a larger social springboard on each new case. The environment has already been the springboard for the launch of 5 multilingual (pedagogically-rich) virtual Masterclasses in entrepreneurship and consecutive business planning trails inside the Good Practice of Cross Border Virtual Entrepreneurship (CBVE).


CBVI performs regional SWOTs of (pre)incubation approaches, education-based and research-based, to establish flexible technology opportunities for connecting starters and stakeholders. It organises open services to host tenants and professionals. It pilots materials, tools and guidance with virtual business planning. It executes methodologically different demonstrations of field coaching for (pre)incubation, and draws lessons from the entrepreneurship-centred environment, the business planning exercises, and the (pre)incubation pilots, to enable more regional and cross-border knowledge transfer, and a higher regional impact.